US plane passenger wants to see the view but passive aggressive child in front has other plans

This was the playful moment a mini airline passenger was passive-aggressively closing a window shutter on a Kansas flight after another traveller kept opening it.

Filmed on June 29, the passenger who filmed the episode wanted to see the view on their flight but the child in front wasn't impressed and repeatedly shut the shade.

The filmer explained: "I was sitting in the plane and a little hand reached back and shut my window.

"I opened it up again and the hand reached back to shut it.

"I grabbed my phone and hit record.

"Her dad was taking a nap and she got bored.

"She was just being playful and honestly it was a good laugh during an otherwise stressful travel day."

They also commented online: "I chatted with her and her dad after the flight and he told me they’d had a long and horrible day of travel."