US rapper Talib Kweli "drop-kicks" fan after performing freestyle

US rapper Talib Kweli has been recorded "drop-kicking" a fan in Salt Lake City, Utah earlier this month (February 2).

The wordsmith was performing at the venue Soundwell in the downtown area of the city when an altercation between him and what appears to be a fan kicks off.

What looks like the man singing along with Kweli turns out to be a heckler, and his remarks result in the rapper starting the taunting chant "Na Na Na Na Way Hey! Goodbye!" together with the crowd.

An item of clothing is then tossed by the heckling man at the singer, which then triggers Kweli's "drop-kick" from the stage before jumping into the crowd.

After being escorted out of the vicinity the crowd proceeds to chant "Talib" in recognition of Kweli's violent act.

After a brief hiatus, the performance continues and the rapper performs the song "Get By".