US woman rescued from zip line in Hawaii

This is the dramatic moment an Illinois woman had to be rescued from a zip line after an equipment failure left her dangling "helplessly."

The footage, filmed in the town of Hilo on Hawaii's Big Island on March 30, shows a nervous Nancy waiting for her turn on the zip line.

Video filmed by her husband Bill then shows Nancy suspended in midair due to an apparent issue with the brake line.

Bill said: "My wife missed the brake line that she was thrown and went back towards the start. [She] dangled helplessly until she was rescued."

The brake block has a rope (or brake line) that should stay in reach of the zip line users. However, due to high winds the line was too far away, causing Nancy to roll backwards, screaming for help, Bill said.

A Zipline Through Paradise employee is seen quickly rushing to Nancy's aid, clambering towards her at speed before bringing her safely back to the platform.

"We took off side by side but when I got done I looked back for my wife and she had not reached the brake rope and was going backward, screaming in fear!” Bill later told Newsflare.

The zip line is over two miles long and claims to be, at some points of the line, 160 foot high.