Venice submerged as flood waters take the city by storm

Inclement weather has submerged the famous island city of Venice in Italy this week, leading to water levels dramatically rising and forcing tourists as well as locals to wade through knee-high water.

Footage captured on Monday (October 29) shows dozens of tourists wading through the city centre with temporary waterproof footwear.

Venice is no stranger to high water, as the Adriatic tide comes in regularly, but when combined with torrential rain that has battered the north of the country, flooding has become a hazard with over 156cm swamping the streets.

The filmer said: "We weren’t expecting so much water. We had to buy some wellies as quickly as possible and walked back to our room"

He later said: "I think there was about 50cm water in the streets"

So far since the arrival of the perilous weather, there have been 11 deaths confirmed by local authorities in the tourist hotspot and across the country.