Vet saves crane's life by pulling out cruel bait spike from its throat

A passerby saw an injured crane on a roadside in Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu state, south India on March 30.

The bird was found with a lump in its throat, slumped on the ground, apparently in extreme agony.

A few animal lovers took the bird to Dr K. Ashok, a veterinarian at a government clinic, who quickly diagnosed the problem.

He placed the bird on a table and made it open its mouth, and then extracted a fish that was struck deep inside its throat.

They were astonished to find the fish pierced with a nail, which had a string attached it.

The rescuers said a poacher had probably tied the fish with a string and used it as bait to catch the crane.

The crane had swallowed the fish and then realised that it was trapped. It had then struggled to break itself free and fly away after managing to snap the string.

But the fish and the nail stuck in its throat had caused excruciating pain and the bird had slumped to the ground when it was rescued.

After the cruel bait was removed at Dr Ashok’s clinic, the crane recovered quickly and flew away.