Vets remove 32 RUBBER DUCKS from greedy bulldog's tummy

This is the astonishing moment vets removed 32 rubber ducks from a greedy bulldog's tummy.

Worried owner Nong Aom noticed her two-year-old American Bully named Devil retching at her home in Pattaya, Thailand yesterday (August 14).

She went into the living room and seen he had raided a box of 50 yellow ducks she had bought the night before to put in a swimming pool.

Incredibly, almost all of the rubber ducks were missing - immediately sparking fears that Devil had scoffed them.

Devil spat out one half-chewed duck then began to vomit five more - but there were still 32 left in his stomach.

Panic-stricken Nong Aom immediately rushed the pooch to the nearest vets.

Veterinarian, Muy, X-rayed the dog and discovered 32 ducks all crammed inside his tummy. They began emergency surgery to remove them.

Stomach-churning footage shows how the vets were plucking out yellow ducks from his belly one-by-one during an operation that lasted more than one hour.

Thirty-two small duckies were eventually removed in his tummy, along with two pieces of rubber balls and an undigested cow-skin snack.

In total, Devil had swallowed 37 ducks - 32 of which were removed from the operation and five which were vomited.

The innocent bulldog, who was was unhurt and aware of the trouble he caused, bounded out to see his owner after waking up from an anaesthetic.