Video with over 3 million views of a girl who escapes her mother to groove-out with her dad in a Texas garage

Watch the viral video that has already generated 3.28 million views across the the internet. After this girl started arguing with her mother she escaped to the garage to dance away the stress with her father.

It's no wonder why either. The space, usually used for cars and greasy tools, is transformed into a nightclub with colourful, flashing lights and loud music.

The girl faces the camera to show off her moves which are well executed. Hilariously, the father comes plodding past in the background doing highly embarrassing "dad-dancing!"

According to the filmer they carried on dancing like this for an hour!

The footage is shot from her stationary iPhone 8 which shows the young girl in a tie-dye t-shirt and hotpants dancing to a club tune while busting some nice moves.

This dancing queen then drops down and bounces on her knees as her dad is seen dancing around in the background.