Vietnamese woman stretches out gooey traditional candy

A woman in Dien Bien Province, Vietnam was filmed making a special Vietnamese delicacy: a stretchy candy pulled into shape by hand.

The candy in the video is called "candy pull" in English or "kẹo kéo" in Vietnamese, and is a traditional candy of ethnic people in northern Vietnam, seen being made here in August 2018.

This candy is usually made during holidays or festivals, and is made up of sugar, vanilla, and bananas.

First, the sweet-maker will put sugar in the pan and then heat it up until the yellow line turns, they will start to stretch the sugar and mix the ingredients.

The candy is fixed to a post at one end, while at the other end the woman uses her hand to stretch the giant candy. This stage of making candy requires dexterity to avoid huge candy fibres being broken and lasts 3-5 hours.