Volcan de Fuego Stays True to its Name

Occurred on August 26, 2022 / Antigua, Guatemala

Info from Licensor: "This was taken late evening on Volcan de Fuego in Antigua, Guatemala while on an overnight hike with a guide service. We were allegedly about 200 meters from the top (according to the guides). Rocks from this explosion fell around and behind us. The lava fell about 50 feet from us in places. I was near the back of the group as you can see in the video. I did not realize it at first, but everyone behind me and all the guides took off running. We did not realize how dangerous a position we were in until afterward. Apparently, those eruptions are not super rare, but when they do happen they are almost always between 2-3 am. The guides said they had not seen an eruption of that level early in the evening which I guess justifies why we were allowed up that close. I had just pulled my phone out and was playing with the setting to switch to 4k and 60fps when it blew; lucky timing."