Wahey! Student tumbles after friend smacks takeaway out of his hand

This was the hilarious moment when one Nottingham student's takeaway was smacked out of his hand by a fellow student during the early hours of Sunday morning (February 3).

The post night out debacle resulting in one ruined meal and grazed hands shows one young man hit - what appears to be - a polystyrene container full of fast food into the air.

A chase quickly ensues but immediately concludes as the student who lost the takeaway plummets to the pavement after slipping.

The downfall comes as a delight to the friend as he performs a football style celebration running up and down the street chanting with his top off.

The filmer can be heard laughing as the incident unfolds outside of his window.

He told Newsflare: "After returning from a night out, the man in the white shirt was making a bit of noise and making a fool of himself in the road.

"I thought a fight was initially going to break out when he approached his other mate with the chips"