Waiters in London's Soho compete in traditional champagne street race

The annual Soho Waiters' Race took place in the heart of London's West End on the weekend (June 30).

Waitstaff working at London establishments are invited to register for the race, which is a tradition dating back to the 1950s.

Forty participants were given a cloth napkin, a bottle of champagne, an ashtray, a wine glass and a tray to balance it all on.

Rules dictate only one hand may be used to carry the tray and first to the finish line with all items intact is declared the winner.

Participants were celebrating over the finish line in style by cracking open the champagne and spraying spectators.

The victor was declared as a member of staff from the House of St. Barnabas Private Members' Club and charity for the homeless.

The Waiters' Race was part of the programming for the Soho Society Fete that is now in its 45th year.