Walking in Progress

There’s nothing quite as precious as the sight of babies learning how to walk. How cute are they wobbling into their first ever steps? But we all know that reaching a huge milestone never comes easy. You need to fail many times before you succeed, and this video is such a great example of that! In this video, you can see an adorable baby girl learning how to walk with a little help from her baby walker. You can tell that she’s determined to learn how to walk like a big girl as soon as she can! Nothing can stop her! Standing behind her walker, she pushes it forward. However, all of a sudden, she stops. Her dad tries to suggest that she should push the walker when it gets in her way, but she loses her balance and takes a hilarious spill! The baby girl falls on her back still holding on tightly to her walker! Don’t worry, little one! You’ll learn how to walk soon enough!