Walmart Customer Uses Makeshift Blowtorch Against Employees

Occurred on December 5, 2021 / Portland, Oregon, USA

Info from Licensor: A woman was acting extremely suspicious and was bagging items the employees at Walmart noticed and went over to talk to her. She started screaming at them to leave her alone of course they didn't which agitated her more so she picked up some sort of aerosol spray and a barbeque lighter and used it as a blowtorch blowing it at them trying to get them to back up then through the can down and an employee snatched it up. She then started to grab a bunch of items out of her cart and shoved them into bags and screamed at them not to touch her. The police were walking in the door and she started to run out when the cop then slammed her into the door wrestling her to the ground putting her in handcuffs and she was ultimately arrested.