Watch cheeky baby elephant's hilarious attempt to chase away small bird

An elephant calf in Kruger National Park, South Africa attempted to scare off one of the blacksmith lapwing birds that was annoying him.

The clip, filmed on June 28, shows the moment the cheeky baby elephant tooted away his smallest enemy while chasing it.

Wildlife enthusiast Edrich Schafer, who filmed this video, told Newsflare: “One specific baby elephant caught everybody’s attention. It was a young male elephant, with all his attention focused on a small black and white bird called a blacksmith lapwing.

"The cheeky little male elephant then decided to charge towards the bird several times, throwing his trunk around while shaking his head.

“During this whole time, the bird looked like it couldn’t be bothered and just moved away a short distance every time the baby elephant made an attempt to chase it off.

"The best part for us all came at the end when the baby elephant suddenly lost interest, turned around and ran straight back to his mother as if he urgently wanted to go tell her about what just happened."