Watch the harrowing moment a huge tornado vortex threatens a water tower in Mabank, Texas

This is the terrifying moment a massive tornado formed near Mabank Texas and made a beeline for a huge water tower on May 29.

The giant supercell starts to wrap around itself above a tree line and in just seconds a dark twister has touched the ground.

Moving toward the filmer this monster vortex heads in the direction of a lone water tower standing above the treeline. A direct hit would be absolutely disastrous for the people of Mabank.

Off in the distance tornado sirens can be heard wailing then suddenly lightning flashes deep within the supercell followed by a crack of thunder.

This terrifying scenario continues for almost a minute but just as the powerful vortex approaches the water tower it seems to dissipate and fold back up into the monster cloud above.

Reports from local media of damage to trees, business and homes came in on the morning of May 30. No injures have yet been reported.

Footage shows a large tornado forming above a treeline and then touching the ground before it moves towards a lone water tower.