Waterline bursts in north India after truck flips over on roadside

A water supply pipe line near Udaipur, Rajasthan state in north India burst open after a truck crashed onto it, spraying jets of water all over the road yesterday morning (April 8).

According to police, a corn truck was coming from Banswada for Udaipur around 7:30 am along the Jaisamand road, when truck driver Dharmesh Gurjer lost his control of his vehicle and struck the pipeline.

Gurjer managed to jump from the truck to save himself and escaped with minor injuries. The pipeline burst as soon as it was hit by the truck and water started spraying out in full force, reaching several metres in the air.

Around 1.5 million litres of water were wasted, traffic being halted by the water flow, and engineers were only able to fix the pipeline two hours later.