What a mare! Horse rescued after getting stuck in concrete drain for three hours

This is the heartwarming moment a frightened horse was rescued after being trapped in a hole for three hours.

Owner Nittaya Limalai, 50, took her five steeds to graze in a field near her home yesterday evening (July 1) before one of them slipped into the water hole in Nonthaburi, central Thailand.

She said the unfortunate mare named Bod, might have not seen the broken drainage cover because she is blind in her left eye.

The owner tried to free the nag but called the local rescue foundation for help because the animal was falling in deeper, making it impossible for her to pull her up.

Footage shows how one rescue did an incredible job keeping the frightened filly calm while his colleagues used a pneumatic drill to smash the concrete and widen the hole.

Volunteers wrapped a long cloth around the mare's body and lifted her out with a digger. Bod finally summoned the strength to drag herself out of the 5-foot-deep sewer.

The sixteen-year-old horse was shaking and still scared of being trapped for almost three hours. Nittaya gently approached her and walked her home.

The owner said: ''I usually take my horses to eat grass here, so I thought she was familiar with the area already.

''I will watch them more carefully so it won't happen again. And I want to thank the volunteers for helping her with their equipment. Without them, it could have been much worse and my horse might not have survived.''