Wheelchair user hoisted onto crow's nest of 'disability friendly' ships off UK coast

A disabled man in a wheelchair is hoisted up onto the masts of tall ships in the Port of Southampton and off the Isle of Wight (October 2018) in the United Kingdom.

Ropes are attached to Isaac Harvey's wheelchair and the ship's crew pull him up to the crow's nest of the vessel off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

One of the crew members recorded Isaac's ascent up onto the mast of the boat in the Port of Southampton.

"I am able to do this thanks to the Jubilee Sailing Trust who has a fully adapted tall ship to allow me and others with a mixture of disabilities to be able to sail with a disability, says Harvey."

As Havery continues his story he says,

"Everyone comes together for this to happen, some are on the ropes pulling it up and others are seen making sure the wheelchair doesn’t sway too much in the wind.

"For all my life I haven't let my disability stop me from doing anything. And that has been from the support from friends and family since day one. My disability is called limb/pelvic hypo/aplasia which in short means I have no arms and short legs. I am also unable to walk, concludes Harvey."