When Popping a Balloon Sounds Like Thunder

Occurred on May 3, 2018 / Elma, Washington, USA

Info from Licensor: "What it sounds like inside a nuclear power plants cooling tower.
Matt and Kevin of WSDG were out in Elma, Washington this week to visit NWAA acoustic test labs. The lab is built in a nuclear power plant that was abandoned a few weeks before it received its first uranium. In between the acoustic lab parts of the trip, they were able to go around and explore the rest of the abandoned facility. This video is in one of the cooling towers. Even though it has an open top, it does have a convex curve on the inside bottom of the tower. This shape makes for some awesome acoustics as you hear in the video. Since 1969, WSDG, a eleven time TEC Award winner, has provided full architectural acoustic consulting and engineering services specializing in implementation and integration of technology infrastructure in the built environment.
The offices, distributed over four continents, work closely together, contributing to the unique international style that has become WSDG’s trademark."