'Where's the money gone?' Newcastle United owner Mike Ashely booed after Rafa dinner

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley was booed by protesters as he left a restaurant after he took the entire football team and their manager, Rafa Benitez, out for dinner.

Footage captured last night (October 3) in Ponteland in the North East shows the billionaire climbing into a car with a police escort as crowds shout: "where's the money gone?" and boo.

Through the car's window, Ashley can be seen sticking up two fingers to the camera.

The filmer of the incident writes: "This just sums the bloke up, childish and not fit and proper to run this beloved club."

The dinner is believed to have taken place to establish a better relationship between the club's owner and its squad.

Ashley, who is unpopular among Newcastle's supporter base, earlier this week challenged anyone willing to buy the club to show him the money.