White Cylindrical Object Spotted in the Clouds

Occurred on May 30, 2020 / Wixom, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: "It was a typical summer day until my mom pointed out what appeared to be a UFO flying in-and-out of the clouds. Luckily, I witnessed this aerial phenomena along with a group of people that saw it as well. I'm very grateful for that, seeing as how they are able to corroborate my story. Without them and their corroboration, everyone would simply think that I was crazy. The object appeared to be cylindrical in shape and white or possibly metallic in color. Based on its altitude and relative distance from myself, it appeared to be travelling at an incredible rate of speed. It appeared to have no wings, it made no sound whatsoever, and left no trail behind it. It seemed to be lacking in most, if not all, things that would indicate that it was in earthly craft. It also appeared to possess things that no earthly craft would have. For example, it appeared to have an antenna on top of the craft itself. Everyone in the group that witnessed the anomalous object along with me agreed that it appeared not to be of this world. This all happened in Wixom Michigan, the last place I expected to see such a thing, especially in broad daylight. This all happened only a couple months ago, yet the mystery of it all still plagues me."