White deer spotted: Stunning moment albino animals are caught on camera in UK's Suffolk

This Suffolk family managed to catch a glimpse of what one could call a Christmas miracle – a herd of snow white albino deer crossing the road ahead of them before playfully hopping away into the horizon.

Thomas Oliver filmed the scene when he was on his way home to Beccles after a birthday lunch. Driving with his wife and kids, Oliver said they had just passed Henham Park when he saw a large herd approaching the road.

Oliver and his wife couldn't quite agree if they were deer or cow until the car came closer. He got his phone out to record and confirmed that the animals were, in fact, albino deer.

The species is known formally as the Seneca white deer, with the presence of a recessive genes responsible for their all-white coat. Sightings have been reported in the UK, but are rare.

"It was such a beautiful moment to witness these elusive creatures up so close and in such a sizeable group," Oliver said. "I’ve never seen albino deer before so to see a handful like this was incredible, especially so close to Christmas."

Adding to the holiday spirit, the kids in the backseat mentioned Santa and asked if the herd might have been his.

As they drove off, Oliver and his family watched the silhouettes of the frolicking deer bouncing against the glow of the sinking sun as the herd made their way towards the woods.

"As a professional photographer I wish I’d had a better camera with me in order to better capture the moment," Oliver added. "But it will still be a sight that will remain with me forever."