Widow holds strange 'calf wedding' in central India to bring peace to dead husband

A widow in central India held a strange 'calf wedding' to help the souls of her deceased husband and ancestors rest in peace on Monday (June 10).

The unique wedding function was organized at Amabagholi village in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh state where a calf was 'married' to
a heifer.

The widow, Uma Devi Rathore, 70, organised the Hindu ritual that saw the calf be led seven times around a sacred fire, in accordance with Hindu matrimonial rites.

Local villagers and family relatives were invited to attend this unique wedding, which, according to Uma Devi, was in preparation for the last four months, including feeding all guests, human and bovine.

Devi added that a Hindu priest suggested she organise the marriage to bring peace to the souls of her husband and ancestors.