Wild monkey gatecrashes funeral and mimicks mourners consoling family

A funeral in India drew the attention of a wild monkey which decided to join the gathering in Nargund in southern India.

Many friends and relatives had gathered at the open funeral of Naganagowda Patil, 71, who had suffered a fatal heart attack on December 11.

An Indian langur monkey sat nearby watching the mourners intently and then started mimicking what many of them did.

It climbed on to Patil’s son Mari Gowda’s lap and tried to console him the way it had seen many doing it.

The ape then went inside the house and sat with the women, who were grieving the death of the elderly man.

The family allowed the monkey to take part in the ceremony and made sure no one disturbed it.

But the word spread and many onlookers also stepped inside the house to take a look at the mourning monkey.

To control the crowd, Patil’s relatives gently shooed away the monkey after throwing a garland around its neck, then the monkey left as quietly as it had come.

Many at the funeral said the attendance of the monkey was a sign that Patil was a spiritual man and would attain salvation.

Hindus believe monkeys are sacred animals and worship them.