Wild mouse can't quite get around how to use a running wheel

This wild mouse who was rescued after being attacked by a house cat now showcases her incredible running wheel skills while being rehabilitated.

When her cat brought in a mouse baby for its supper, North Carolina resident Jess managed to save it just in time and nursed it back to health.

The clip, filmed on March 24, shows the mouse showing off her skills at the running wheel after being rescued from a cat attack.

The filmer, Jess, told Newsflare: “I wanted to make sure the baby wasn't hurt in any way since even a scratch from a cat can be fatal to small mammals, so I put some bedding, food and water in with the mouse and added a wheel.

"It didn’t take long for this little one to hop on the wheel and start running!”

Once Jess was reassured there were no internal injuries, she was pleased to see the quick recovery the mouse has made and is nearly ready to release her back to the wild.