Wildlife SOS team rescue leopard trapped in 50-feet-deep well in India

Forest officials rescued a 7-year-old leopard that had fallen into a 50-feet-deep well in the west-central Indian state of Maharashtra on Monday.

According to local media, residents of the Pimpalgaon Rotha village heard panicked roars echoing from deep within the open well at around 9 am. Seeing that the leopard was drowning in the waist-deep water, they alerted officials who turned to a wildlife SOS team for help.

While waiting for the team to arrive, officials first lowered a platform into the well so that the terrified leopard could clamber onto the makeshift platform for temporary support. Later, the wildlife SOS team drifted a trap cage in the well with the open door angled towards the leopard. The animal jumped into the cage and was quickly lifted out of the well.

Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, Senior Veterinarian at the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre said after a thorough physical examination that the leopard was healthy and fit for release.