Wintry conditions claim another UK driver's bumper

A driver from Newcastle in northeast England lost control of his car while trying to make a turn in snowy conditions on Friday afternoon (February 1).

In the dash-cam video, the driver was coming home from work when his car skidded on the last turn before he would have arrived home.

The car mounts the curb then collides with the wall of the house on the corner, causing minor damage to the bumper as well as causing the camera to fall off its setup.

"Noooooo! B*****d!" the driver can be heard screaming in the video as he loses control and crashes.

The filmer said: "I was in a really good mood on the way home from work because we’d been allowed to go home early due to the conditions.

"It was literally the last turn I needed to take and I would have been home. The car took some damage to the bumper but the wall was unscathed.

"I went round to see the owners of the house and apologise and showed them the footage and they found it quite funny themselves

"I’m quite gutted about the damage because it’s a lovely car but I’m glad that there was no one there to get hurt."