Witnessing Dozens Upon Dozens of Dolphins

Occurred on July 14, 2019 / Dana Point, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "Just shortly after leaving Dana Point Harbor in Southern California, headed over to Newport Beach, a group of friends celebrating a 30th birthday got the surprise of a lifetime. We were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. They followed the boat for over a half an hour, played in the bubbles of the boats trail/ wake, came alongside the boat and jumped and splashed. They even circled our jet ski that was already out there. Many appeared to be babies- and all appeared relaxed, playful and happy. Trish Meyler from San Clemente, CA filmed the video alongside world-renowned waterman, big wave surfer Chuck Patterson, out celebrating a friend’s 30th Birthday. The ending result, a surreal experience that people that have spent their whole lives seeking waves all over the globe, something no one has ever seen before. Magic. After about half an hour, they went on their way and we went on ours. Some of us with tears in our eyes, all cheering. We are lucky to live where we live. If everyone witnessed this, people would think twice on the choices they make. The plastic bottles they purchase at Costco, the unnecessary straws in their water, and maybe unplug and head outdoors just a little more."