Woman's Hand Nipped by Shark in Bahamas

Occurred on July, 2019 / Bahamas

Info from Licensor: "We were on vacation in the Bahamas, and went to see the sharks and swim with them. The day before, I stood by the ocean and talked to him about how I would like to exchange energy with him. Give him my energy, and get his energy.
I felt like something was going to happen, but then I relaxed. And began to enjoy the beautiful views, warm ocean, and so on. We came by boat to this place where there were tourists. There were not so many of them, about 28 people. I went into the ocean and swam next to the sharks. They were very rough to the touch. It took about 15 minutes, and at one point, one of them opened her mouth and swallowed my hand.
It was like a slow-motion movie. 1-2 seconds felt like 10 minutes... I reacted very quickly, and pulled my hand away. After that, we boarded a boat and arrived on the yacht, and I was quickly treated for all my wounds. And now I remember this story as a lesson. Always formulate your wishes correctly."