Woman Feels Effects of Lightning Strike

Occurred on August 14, 2019 / Ocean City, New Jersey, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was walking on the Ocean City boardwalk between 12th and 13th street, video messaging a friend about the day's events when a flash of lightning came out of nowhere and I felt an electric shock from my head to my toes. I didn't know what was happening and exclaimed that I'd been hit by lightning because of the electric shock I'd felt. It turns out I was likely hit by the electric charge in the air because the lightning was so close by. Previous to this strike, there had been no thunder or lightning. It had been raining for about an hour. It had just stopped, and the sky was clearing, so people came out of the shops and back onto the boardwalk. This lightning strike caught a tent with beach chairs on fire on the beach, and the fire department had to come out and put the fire out."