Woman Finds Bugs in Canned Ravioli

Occurred on January 5, 2019 / Enterprise, Alabama, USA

Info from Licensor: "We had just moved to Alabama and had only been in our new house for 5 days when I was making lunch for my children. My almost 2-year-old son wanted ravioli. When opening a can, bought in a 4-pack from Enterprise Walmart, I poured half the ravioli on a plate to warm up and the other half in a Tupperware container because I know he would not eat the full can and my daughters do not like ravioli. When the ravioli are 'stuck' together, I try to separate them on the plate so that they will cook more evenly. When trying to separate two ravioli stuck end to end, only the top flap came off. When it did I saw something dark in the meat. I am fully aware that this 'meat' is far from that but seeing something black in contrast to the gray meat caused me to inspect. Upon inspection of the opened ravioli, I found that the dark spot had legs. After calling my mother and mother-in-law to tell them, I chose to open more ravioli on the plate. I found a few more with what looked like egg seeds and one with a larva the size of my pinky fingernail. I had my daughter come over and film as I opened the ravioli so that when I called Chef Boyardee, per the 800 number on the can, I would have picture and video evidence. Thus, the video I made finding the bugs in the ravioli. I did contact Chef Boyardee and the woman I spoke with apologized. After saying she was, 'glad my son did not consume the food' she said she would 'mail some coupons.' She also said she'd make sure the 'information was given to the quality department.' That was the end of the conversation."