Woman freaks out when foster dog goes into labour

Sarah Clemons was shocked one night to find out her foster dog was not only pregnant but about to go into labour.

Tequila the Staffordshire bull terrier was fostered by Clemons for a short time in late 2017 after she was abandoned by her family and managed to gestate a litter of pups.

Footage shows the moment Clemons discovered her foster dog was pregnant on the night of November 27, 2017.

“You better not be pregnant, let alone be about to have puppies!” Sarah can be heard saying to the dog.

Tequila ended up having three healthy puppies and all four were adopted into their forever homes.

Clemons later added: “I took her to the vet because I’ve never experienced a pregnant dog, I wanted to make sure everything went well.

"Judging by her “milk bags” I thought she had probably just given birth. I’m obviously ignorant to the whole pregnancy thing!”