Woman in Singapore narrowly misses train then opens safety doors with her bare hands to climb inside

This is the shocking moment a commuter risks her life after missing a train's closing doors - then opening them with her bare hands.

Two middle-aged women rushed towards the subway train but one of them narrowly missed boarding when the sliding glass platform doors closed in front of her.

But the determined woman refused to let timetables or safety rules prevent her from catching the train at the Little India subway station in Singapore.

CCTV footage from Sunday (August 25) afternoon shows how she used her bare hands to open the station's safety doors.

She managed to pull them apart then climbed into the gap between the platform and the train door - risking almost certain death if the train had pulled away and knocked her to the tracks.

The woman then frantically banged on the carriage door which then opened to let her inside.

Shocked staff ran to help her while stopping the train from leaving.

But even after the chaotic scenes the stubborn woman still insisted on staying on the train.

Staff briefly checked the platform before letting it depart with the woman now safely onboard.

Shocked passenger Lee Tian Xi, who was travelling in the same train, said: "I remember wondering why the train took so long to depart on that day.

"I also heard someone cry aloud as they saw the woman opening the door."