Woman pulled alive from crushed car after being buried under 14 tonnes of soil

Dramatic footage shows the moment a female driver was pulled alive from her crushed car after a lorry overturned burying her under 14 tonnes of soil.

Kamonlak Worrasuk, 40, was driving next to the 10-wheel truck when it mounted the pavement and smashed into the side of a bridge yesterday (October 29) in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the moment the lorry fell sideways onto Kamonlak's white Toyota crushing the vehicle flat and leaving her trapped inside the wreckage.

Residents frantically clawed away the thick clay soil and shouted to her as she lay stranded in the driver's seat.

Dozens of rescuers and fire crews rushed to the scene and spent an hour propping up the truck with hydraulic lifts before Kamonlak was finally pulled free. The woman was alive and laid onto a stretcher whilst waiting for an ambulance.

Officers are now investigating the lorry driver Kontai Taplakon after onlookers said he ''appeared drunk'' and that the industrial vehicle had been driving dangerously before the crash.

The 33-year-old said that before he had a chance to touch the brakes, his truck had mounted the pavement and collided with a bridge. He said: ''I wasn't speeding. I don't know how it happened.''

Superintendent Decho Sosuwannakul from the Samrong Nuea Police Station said: ''The police investigators have been tasked with investigating the cause of the crash. It was initially reported by witnesses that the truck was driving recklessly. If the substance is detected in the body, we will prosecute.''

The woman is recovering now and her condition is not critical, reports say.