Woman wins £4500 compensation after IKEA cup exploded in her face

IKEA has been ordered to pay a Chinese woman £4,500 after the retailer’s glass mug exploded in her face, seriously injuring her.

The video shows Ms Wang with a black mask and a pair of sunglasses, explaining how the incident happened to journalists, with still pictures showing Wang’s injured lip and broken tooth.

According to reports, Wang purchased the Stelna mug from IKEA Beijing Xihongmen Store for 50 pence.

However, it suddenly exploded in her face when she was using it to drink hot water on May 20, 2017.

She then fainted and one of her front teeth was broken.

She was admitted to hospital and required four stitches in her lip, reports said.

After that, she filed a lawsuit against IKEA to ask for a full refund and £120,000 compensation. The final adjudication ruled IKEA had to compensate Wang £4,500.