Woman With Troll Hair Struggles to Get into Car

Occurred on February 23, 2022 / Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Info from Licensor: "Context: for carnival you have to wear a funny hairstyle or go in disguise. Laura (the troll) decides to do the carnival combo. We always meet up to have cacaolat/coffee before going to work, that day she tells me that maybe it's better to walk upstairs, that the hairstyle takes up a lot (referring to the car). She goes by train so on the way we change the subject and the hairstyle takes a backseat. Of course, I wanted to see the drama of driving her, so I went to pick her up at the station, and well, I wanted to immortalize the moment, but it was better than I expected. In case she wasn't enough with her hairstyle, it turns out that the doors of the train caught her. When she gets into the car, she doesn't know how to stand, since standing upright is unfeasible, so the easiest and most logical option that comes to mind is for her to stick his head out the window, like a puppy."