Workers find 12ft long python sleeping on factory fence

Workers were shocked when they arrived for their morning shift and found this giant python taking a nap on the security fence.

The large snake had slithered onto the gate and curled around the top of the concrete corner post in Chonburi, Thailand. It was discovered by a security guard arriving for work at 7am on Thursday morning.

Snake catchers were called to rouse the 12ft long serpent from its slumber. The python, estimated to weight between 30kg and 40kg, reacted angrily and wriggled around before being stuffed inside a bag.

Security guard Deang Sukkhawit, 40, said: ''I'm glad that I was the first one to see the snake. If it had been a bit later it would have been very busy and people would have been scared.''

The python was released back into the wild several miles away.