Workers trapped under glass sheets, rescued in nick of time

A freak accident was captured on a CCTV camera where a group of men could be seen trying to transport glass-sheets in a warehouse in Siliguri, India.

The incident happened on November 26 as soon as the workers started their day. In the video, it could be seen around five workers were trying to transport the sheets. But they took more load than they could lift. Eventually, they lost balance and the sheets of glass fell on their chest, leaving them trapped between the heavy load of glass sheets and the wooden table that was kept nearby.

The video shows the men struggling to push the sheets back in place, but that turned out to be futile. Worse, the glass sheets started to shatter as they tried to push them back with force. Of the five people trapped, two were lucky to wriggle out of it, while the others were still trapped under the sheets that punctured their bodies in several places and caused bleeding. Unable to bear the pain, one of the workers passed out while waiting for help.

Hearing their cry for help, fellow workers from other sections of the wear house came rushing and rescued them. Fortunately, none of them suffered serious injuries.