World's most extreme toddler: Three-year-old girl drops into 6ft half-pipe

This cool three-year-old girl shreds a six-foot half-pipe dressed as Elsa from the Disney film "Frozen."

In the video, Arya Griffin from Singapore drops in a ramp more than twice her size.

The toddler introduces herself to the camera and explains what she is going to do.

Arya says: "My name is Arya Griffin, I'm three-years-old, today I'm going to drop in six-feet." She then cooly signs out with a peace sign.

Dressed in her princess attire and colourful protective gear, Arya prepares to drop-in the large ramp with her watchful father nearby.

She successfully completes the manoeuvre and nearly clears the railing on the other side but manages to keep her balance.

After celebrating with Dad, Arya joyously says: "I did it! Yes! Six-feet!"