WWE stars volunteer to feed kids in run-up to Thanksgiving

WWE stars took time out of the ring yesterday (November 20) to volunteer at a Los Angeles regional food bank in the run-up to Thanksgiving.

Pro wrestler Levis Valenzuela Jr., known also as 'No Way José', can be seen packing fruit as part of a food drive for hungry kids, while answering questions about his volunteer work.

When asked what brought him to the food bank, Valenzuela answered: "You know, giving back to the community...just trying to help out some hungry kids."

He also answered on what giving back meant to him: "It means a lot. Everyone's got their own struggles, everyone faces their own things.

"If we can help out in any way shape or form, to show support, especially with the platform that we have..."

The food drive was part of a Food 4 Kids Backpack program, aimed at keeping young schoolkids fed, especially important with Thanksgiving happening later this week.