Yorkshireman skinny dips while drinking Yorkshire Tea

This Yorkshireman couldn't be more proud of his heritage while drinking a brew in a lake.

Footage that has recently gone viral shows a man in Malham Tarn swimming with a cup of Yorkshire Tea, while donning a Yorkshire flat cap.

The Tyke filmer said: "It was 5 am and I couldn't sleep so I headed off to my local tarn for a sunrise skinny dip, well when I say skinny dip I did keep my hat on.

"Into the water, I strode wearing nothing but my birthday suit and a Yorkshire tweed flat cap with a huge mug of Yorkshire tea in hand.

"Staring at the sunrise I sipped away at the finest drink in the world.
What a cracking way to start the day."

The clip was captured on May 8, 2018.