You'll fall in Love with this Precious Sleepy Baby

Can you imagine anything more adorable than a sleepy baby? I most certainly can’t! This adorable video shows a cute baby sitting on his dad’s shoulders and holding onto his dad’s hair. You can tell that long day of having so much fun playing with mom and dad has come to an end for this little boy, and now it’s time to go to sleep. Babies and toddler are known for being able to fall asleep just about anywhere. And that’s exactly what happened to the little boy from this video! He started dozing off while still sitting on his dad’s shoulders! OMG, how cute is he? You can tell that he’d really love to stay awake, but he’s just too tired! Quick, mom and dad, but this little boy down to sleep, it’s been a long day. Sweet dreams, little one! Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve seen in quite some time?