You Won't Believe why this Girl is Having a Melt Down

I remember when I was a kid I always hated when my parents were going out and leaving me with a babysitter. I’m quite sure they were all nice to me, but I just preferred to be with my mom and dad than anyone else! I actually thought that every kid in this world hates to stay with babysitters, but it seems I was wrong all the time! It seems some kids love their babysitters so much they like to spend evenings with them rather than with the parents! Take a look at this video and see how tot kids can react when he or she finds out a babysitter isn’t coming! LOL! This video shows an adorable little girl who is having her dinner. She is sitting at the table with a full plate in front of her, but she cannot eat because she is so upset! She just found out that her babysitter is not coming tonight, and she just can’t take that! LOL!