YouTuber dad tries to impress kids by doing backflips on inflatable fun pad

Dads are always going the extra mile to look like superheroes in front of their kids, as one dad in Canada attempted a backflip challenge on an inflatable fun pad.
YouTuber David Freiheit, from Canada, posted a video of him defying clear warning instructions of “dangerous jumps and summersaults” being forbidden. Regardless, with Freiheit being a self-confessed fan of “living dangerously”, he did not heed those warnings.

A shaky start saw Freiheit lose his glasses and almost fly off the pad, but he clocked up a respectable amount of back-flips, at a wobbly seven, which his kids seemed to enjoy greatly.

Freiheit seemed to see the funny side, although he didn’t quite reach his intended target of eight. In any case, the heart-warming footage shows all the positivity of a father spending time with his children and entertaining them with wacky shenanigans.