YouTuber takes on 'world's most dangerous drink' in Bali

A YouTuber who travelled to Indonesia took on what is dubbed the "world's most dangerous drink" at a bar in Bali on Wednesday (July 3).

The notorious beverage, named the Flaming Waterfall Lamborghini, is a lethal concoction of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, sambuca and Blue Curacao.

It is then set on fire then poured down - in this case - a bottle atop a wine glass and any brave imbibers have to slurp up the cocktail with a straw at the bottom of the glass.

British YouTuber James Ware is not phased by the blue, incandescent flames and absolutely nails it in one go.

But after a short while the drink and its effects sink in. "I feel like a melted Madame Tussauds model," he says.

In the video, there's a sign in the bar that reads, "You will feel the burning sensation when you try drink Flaming Waterfall Lamborghini."

"The sign's not wrong," Ware concurs.