5 Mind-Blowing Facts About The New 'Star Wars' Trailer

Christmas came early for Star Wars nerds last Friday when the teaser trailer of Episode 7 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' hit the web and the internet had a collective fan-gasm because it actually looked like a freaking star wars movie!

To many people(including us), Star Wars will always be the epitome of the Sci-Fi movie genre. So like any responsible fan of the franchise, we decided to break down the trailer frame by frame and analyze everything!

Here are 5 not so obvious facts about the trailer:


#5 Mark Hamill knew he would star in the sequels 30 years ago!

Hear Luke Skywalker himself explain how he knew that he would be starring in the sequels around 2011(so close!)


#4 Andy Serkis is the narrator of the trailer

Surprise surprise, everyone on the internet was wrong when we all thought that a certain Swedish thespian,Max Von Sydow, provided the vocals for the trailer.

But it was in fact the super star blue screen actor, Andy Serkis, who shared his precious voice for the trailer.



#3 As of today, it is the most watched teaser trailer EVER!

Kim Kardashian's butt couldn't hold a candle to the might of Star Wars, as it raced to more than 58.2 million views on YouTube in its first week!

The 88 second teaser raced past Avenger: Age Of Ultron teaser which has 50 million views.

We couldn't help ourselves.



#2 Football shaped droid was R2-D2's early design

We all got a little glimpse of cute football shaped droid that was aimlessly rolling on the desert plains(Tatooine?) could be the original design of R2-D2!

Here is an expert from an interview of Ralph McQuarrie himself! 


Original design of R2-D2:


#1 Fan made posters could be official!

Gizmodo reported that some really cool fan made posters could be made official poster because they are simply incredible pieces of fan art!

Here is our favorite :


All said and done, we sincerely hope they screw it up this time. May the force be with them!