7-foot-6 Indian cop holds back six motorcycles with only his hands

A 7-feet 6-inch tall Indian traffic officer stunned a crowd onlookers by holding 6 bikes with just his hands in a town in eastern India.

Jagdeep Singh, believed to be the tallest traffic officer in the world, is seen being tied to six motorcycles that pull him in two different directions, but holds all six back in a show of immense strength.

The display was put on in the town of Chirmiri in Chhattisgarh state yesterday (January 7) to celebrate a Sikh holiday commemorating the birth of Guru Govind Singh.

In between, Jagdeep Singh jawed with rope and tried to drag the driver in the 6 bikes and dragged him out, but Jagdeep Singh alone put the feathers of all the bikes up and running into the surprise of the people. Jagdeep Singh is the world's highest peer and traffic cop. He weigh 190 kg.
The incident happened on 7 January in Chirmiri Chhattisgarh as the Sikh celebrate 352th of Gur Govind Singh.