'Don't eat any french fries!' - Cutest little girl keeps a watchful eye

The cutest little girl keeps a watchful eye over her french fries as she steps away from a restaurant table in Texas on 16 April. The adorable hungry muncher leaves her plate of fries in the guard of her mother and grandmother but it's clear she doesn't quite trust them.

Footage shows the girl slowly sneaking backwards while adorably doing the "I've got eyes on you" motion with her fingers. The filmer giggles and pretends to touch the girl's fries which prompts the girl's quick return to regain ownership of her potato 'treasure.'

Footage also exhibits the sweet girl's inherently hilarious serious yet comical expressions. This guardian-of-the-fries then tries to scare off anyone from going near her prized possession with a gruesome-looking expression close to the camera as if to say "Stay away from my fries - or else!"