'Lucky' puppy inches from being knocked over after running loose on busy Thai road

This is the heartwarming moment a driver stopped to help a stray puppy that was almost killed when it ran out into traffic.

Wutipong Phume was travelling home when the pooch dashed out in front of his car in Bangkok, Thailand, on Jully 22.

The motorists slammed on the breaks and narrowly avoided crushing the tri-coloured pup - which emerged unscathed from the near-miss.

Wutipong then followed the dog as it ran around 200 metres down the eight-carriage highway - coming within inches of being killed by cars whizzing by.

He eventually pulled over and plucked the dog to safety before carrying him to a quieter spot away from the traffic.

Wutipong said: ''The little dog is very lucky. Many are killed on the roads and this one was very close to being hit by so many cars.

''I left him in a safe place so hopefully, he has learned from experience not to run into the road again.''