Bizarre race on stilts reaches new heights at hill tribe sports day in the Philippines

Villagers race on 12ft high bamboo stilts during a bizarre event at a 'hill tribe' sports day.

Youngsters from different clans took part in the annual festival in Mindanao, southern Philippines, on April 10.

Rival tribes have their own colours and designs on their shirts and shorts. One one of the most popular events, competitors race on the wooden stilts across a 30-metre long field.

Footage from the Malaybalay City area in the province of Bukidnon shows the wooden stilts race at Kaamulan village sports day festival on April 10.

Visitor Nikon Celis, who captured the scenes, said: ‘’There are some really unusual events at the tribal sports day. The tradition has been going on for many decades.

‘’The Kaamulan event is the gathering of seven hill tribes from the Bukidnon Province. They are the Talaandig, Umayamnon, Higaonon, Manobo, Tigwahanon, Matigsalug, and Daraguyan or Bukidnon tribe.

''They have to compete against each other and the winning tribe is whoever has won the most events at the end of the day.''